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Meet the Team


Kacie Starr Long

Founder & CEO

Having once made history, at the age of 26, as St. Louis’ youngest elected official and first African-American woman to represent her district on the St. Louis Board of Aldermen, Kacie Starr Long is a leader with a passion for serving in her community and advocating for those in need.


Kacie held her political position for five years until, during a time of prayer, she felt the call of God on her life to change directions. She is now the founder of Sew Hope, a social enterprise under Jacob's Ladder Ministries, a faith-based non-profit. 

"One day I prayed to God and said, 'God, I give you my hands and this gift of sewing. Use them for your glory...' And now we have Sew Hope!" 

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Ann Stirnemann

City Sewing Room

Anne serves as the founder of City Sewing Room, the sister site location to Sew Hope. Kacie and Anne developed a friendship, and later a mentor-mentee relationship after Kacie entered the City Sewing Room seeking help for a sewing project. Had it not been for the City Sewing Room providing inspiration, there would not be a Sew Hope Community Sewing Room!  


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Olivia Rae Davis

Guest Instructor 

She's a child prodigy!

Learning to sew at the age of 13, Olivia is the creator of her own fashion line and is the owner of The Craft Academy, a sewing school for children and adults. We are so happy to have Olivia as part of our team at Sew Hope! 

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